How much does it cost to get a trademark in the United States?

Trademark lawyer fees are the variable factor you will need to watch out for.

Every Trademark is subject to a one-time fee due with your application.

Paper Submission: $375

Electronic Filing: $325

37 D.F.R. Qualified: $275

Think twice about using any lawyer to assist you that is using paper submission. It costs more and raises questions about timelessness and accuracy to apply via paper. Our biggest concern would be that any lawyer using paper, may not be involved in this work daily.

Also, think twice about using the big online companies that help you file a Trademark without using a lawyer. The rejection rate and denial rate is so high that a market of lawyers has emerged correcting failed self-applications. When we say emerged, we really mean it’s the fastest growing sector of trademark law, and that’s not good news if you thought about self-filing.

$99 Trademarks seem to be the big scam online. Trademark lawyers working in this model may pull you in for more money later. $1500 is about what a US trademark lawyer will charge for a trademark that goes sailing through the application process. It will usually include a few basic things:

  • Filing the Application
  • Amendments and PTO correspondence with the USPTO.
  • Allowing Publication for challenge
  • Approval (ITU only): all evidence and extensions,
  • Registration

If things take a turn and your application needs work, you can expect an hourly rate to run you about $275 per hour for the lawyers that know this business and handle it every day.

We derived the above fee data by calling several trademark lawyers with good reviews online. It’s very general data, but sometimes a few phone calls can answer all your questions.