Patent Lawyer Cost

How much does it cost to get a Patent in the United States?

Fees from patent lawyers are the variable factor you will need to consider before filing.

Patents are subject to many fees:

Filing Fees

  • Utility Patents: $280
  • Design Patents: $180
  • Plant Patents: $180

Maintenance Fees

  • 3.5 Years: $1,600
  • 7.5 Years: $3,600
  • 11.5 Years: $7,400

Before you file with the USPTO, think twice about working with companies that help you file patents without using an attorney. Although it can be done on your own, the success rate is so low that many lawyers make a living simply correcting failed self-applications. This market may be the fastest growing sector of patent law, and that’s not good news if you thought about filing on your own or with the help of online websites.

Our research indicates $2500 is about what a US patent attorney charges for a patent that moves quickly through the application process. Legal services provides usually include:

  • Filing the Application
  • Amendments and PTO correspondence with the USPTO.
  • Allowing Publication for challenge
  • Approval (ITU only): all evidence and extensions,
  • Registration

If your application is not approved and requires edits you can expect hourly charges to be about $275 per hour for attorneys that specialize in this type of law.